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Post Affiliate PRO 4 is a new generation affiliate software to power your affiliate program.

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So I’ve been using affiliate software for a long time now and I got to tell you
that when it comes down to implementing and executing your business in a timely
manner Post Affiliate Pro 4 beats them all hands down.

I answer calls and emails daily from business owners looking to implement Affiliate
software on their sites and as an affiliate of over 200 programs I can tell you the
first thing I look for when joining is who they are using to track sales.
Main reason: I want to get paid.. I want to make sure all the time and effort I put
into promoting those affiliate programs is going to pay off, if they are using
Post Affiliate Pro I have no worries!

Customer Support

This is a huge part to consider when purchasing any software. With PAP they have a
“Live Chat” on their site and 1-800 to speak with someone Right now. I was able to test this
out a lot actually, and as far as support I can say they rule this area like nobodys business.

I’ll try and touch bases on some of the aspects of the software here, but let me tell you
if I wrote about them all it would be a BOOK!

Key Features

Flexible licensing

One license allows you to have one installation of the Post Affiliate Pro system. This one
installation of affiliate program can track unlimited products or websites that share
the same affiliate program.

Leased license includes: Yearly license, free updates and support for the
entire license tenure. Application will be installed on your server.

Owned license includes: One time fee, free 6 months of updates and support,
starting from the date of purchase. Application will be installed on your


PAP4 is compatible with numerous shopping carts and easy to integrate with
any you may have that’s not already built into the system.

Manage your affiliates

Easily set up affiliates signup form, or even a signup mini-site with more information about
your program. After the signup, affiliates get access to their own control panel where they
get promo tools, banners, links and see their statistics. You as a merchant can manage your
affiliates in your own control panel, where you can review and approve/decline your partners,
watch their performance and communicate with them.

Set up commissions and promo materials

PAP allows very flexible setup of commissions. You can create unlimited number of campaigns,
each with different commission settings and amounts. Fixed and percentage, multi-tier,
recurring – all commission possibilities are supported.

Track referrals and sales in real time

PAP uses very advanced tracking that ensures the maximum possible reliability. For every tracked
commission it gives you a detailed information, including first and last click that led to the
commission, IP address, page from which user came to your website, and so on, all in real time.

Search Engine friendly links

Affiliate links should be search engine friendly, otherwise their potential is wasted. With PAP,
it is not a problem. You can choose from different linking types and customize the link format
exactly how you like it. Plus, unique DirectLink technology gives you the best possible linking
method – your affiliates link to your site without any additional parameters in the URL.

Commissions payments & invoicing

PAP automatically computes earned commissions and gives you balance for each affiliate. You can
pay them using ANY payment method, for example PayPal. System keeps full history of all payments
for you to review.

Keep track of the performance

Post Affiliate Pro gives you real-time reports of all aspects of your affiliate program, allowing
you to see how well everything is performing, every day, week, month or year.

Reward the best

With Commission Groups feature you can give higher commissions to your best affiliates. You can
create different groups of affiliates, with different commissions for the same product(s).

Communication with partners

Communicate with your affiliates and allow them communicating to you. With PAP you can send mass
emails to your affiliates, to let them know about news of your site and affiliate program.
Affiliates can also contact you conveniently using web form, or any contact method you specify.

Endlessly extendable

Plugins support makes PAP almost endlessly extendable. If you are missing some functionality, you
can add it by installing a plugin from growing plugins database. This way you can add new ways of
tracking (Lifetime commissions, Path to the sale, GeoIP tracking, Site Heat map), new banner types,
commission settings (Subsequent Sales commissions), virtually anything.

My Recommendation is if your looking to purchase affiliate software then you should take a serious
look at PostAffiliatePro, save yourself some time and go with the right solution first


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