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Affiliate Network Software

Affiliatepro brings you the Hottest Affiliate Network Software available on the PLANET.

If your looking for Affiliate Network Software to build your own affiliate network
then your at the right place. You are just moments away from exeriencing the
only Affiliate Software you will ever need.  At we have tested numerous Affiliate
program softwares and we can tell you with confidence that as far as Affiliate Network Software
this is the best way to go!


Post Affiliate Network offers state of the art tracking methods (Flash Cookie Tracking),
SEO friendly affiliate links (Direct Links), unique features and high performance.

Post Affiliate Network Software

Post Affiliate Network is the ultimate affiliate network software with accurate tracking,
high performance, advanced affiliate marketing features and unique user interface.

Post Affiliate Network is fully scalable to fit requirements of both large and small
businesses to create and manage successful affiliate networks.

Post Affiliate Network is a turnkey, ready to use affiliate network solution, that is
the best choice in affiliate network software.

It is offered in two basic licensing models:

• Hosted Affiliate Network – installed on our servers, maintained, periodically
upgraded and watched by our support crew for small monthly fee
• Owned Licenses – installed on your server, you have full control over your
data. For one time fee you get full featured affiliate network software without any
hidden costs or monthly fees.

Technology behind Post Affiliate Network

Post Affiliate Network (PAN) is built on Post Affiliate Pro affiliate tracking platform
proven by more than 15000 affiliate program installations. It offers all those great
features available in Post Affiliate Pro, plus it extends it with option to connect multiple
merchants into one affiliate network.

How Does It Work ?

The image below displays the way Post Affiliate Network software works.

Affiliate Network Software Pro

Post Affiliate Network supports three basic types of users:

Network Owner – special type of merchant, he has full control over all affiliates and all
merchant accounts. Network owner can fully customize design of merchant and affiliate
panel, configure settings of tracking, fraud protection and so on. In same time he can
run own marketing campaigns for all of his affiliates as special type of merchant. Network
owner is responsible also for payouts of affiliates.

Merchant - Network owner can allow to enter his network by unlimited number of
merchants. With each merchant he can define own rules and fees for using his affiliates
power. Merchant has to pay to network owner commissions generated in affiliate program
plus fees. Merchant never pays directly affiliates in affiliate network – it is responsibility
of network owner.

Affiliate - promotes products offered by merchants or network owner. He is payed by
network owner from commissions payed by merchant to network owner

Frequently Asked Questions
All our customers ask nearly same questions about our affiliate program software:

1. Can owner of Post Affiliate Pro upgrade to Post Affiliate Network without loss of data ?
Yes, it is possible without loss of data. First of all you need to get license of Post Affiliate
Network. With license of PAN you will get access to distribution file of Post Affiliate Network.

All you need to do is to upgrade your existing Post Affiliate Pro installation with new distribution
files of Post Affiliate Network and re-validate license. Important is, that downgrade back from
Post Affiliate Network will not be possible !

2. What is the main difference between standard affiliate program software and affiliate network
software ? Difference is in merchants structure, affiliates don’t need to see difference.

In-house Affiliate Program software – suitable for one affiliate program (can contain multiple
campaigns), one main merchant (multiple merchant feature allows to manage same affiliate
program for more admins, but it is still just one affiliate program)

Affiliate Network software – multiple/separated merchant accounts, each merchant can setup
own affiliate program, own campaigns, etc. All merchants try to attract same affiliates with their
campaigns. Network owner can manage merchants and affiliates.

Start Now …

Affiliate Network Software


  1. Hi,

    I am interested in this product! Can I have some more information on the the technical part.

    The pixels that need to be implemented in the merchants website, can i get this automatically with this program? deep linking?

    If i use this program and link it to my website. Can I use a login part on my website and then it logs in to this program? pls give me some detailed info on this?

    General question: Do i need to be a technical IT person to start this? meaning, do I need to build the trackingcode, landingpage, pixels ect?

    Thanks in advance
    Niels Roelandts

  2. Affiliatepro says:

    Hello Niels,

    I’d be happy to answer those questions for you,

    The pixels are generated with the program which allows for the deep linking also.

    The software can be installed as a stand alone on your server, to do what your talking about you’d just have to configure the login to PAP to be within your login on your site.

    As far as being technical to use this software, I have found that the extensive knowledge base and support allows for a fluid install and is relatively simple no matter your IT experience.

    I’m including a link for you to get more support if you have any other questions feel free to ask me and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

    Here’s the link:

    Best regards,


  3. Al Basar says:

    As I’m watching their progresses instead of programming really very important stuff they’re going on working their workflow of programming in more unneccessary things. There are a lot of urgent requirements they placed last on their list. And a lot of customers in strict countries get the risk being not able to use software without being afraid of hard punishments. We collected already a group of customers who are reporting about this failure also in public. But until now they don’t care much about it. May it’s too less customers who do reporting here, on their forums and everywhere. It’s time to change something. Meanwhile there are already lot of disputes of this. Take a look into forum and suggestions – that may will open your eyes how they are acting in very urgent requests! Perhaps it’s a kind of waiting for “custom paid progrming” in requests that are normally serious bugs in their scripts that customers absolutely urgent need to have fixed. Really great strategie. Thanks for it “Quality” Unit. I guess it’s more Unit than Quality!

  4. Al Basar says:

    On first view I was surpised of some features. Then I tested the demo of Post Affiliate Network intensively for almost one week and realized it doesn’t meet a lot of important basically requirements for some countries. Especially EU countries. I saw in forum requests regarding missing of important functionalities and the progress of solving them seem to take long time. For my country I unfortunately could’nt use it too in this status.

  5. Nelson Umah Tete says:

    I want to buy the software.

  6. Brad says:

    The article is full of valuable insights, keep it up, I recommend this keyword tool

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