I’m a big Twitter fan and I’ve got to tell you that in the past year I’ve watched thousands of affiliate marketers flush their following right down the “Twoilet”.  So here’s some advice, take it or leave it.

99% of the affiliate marketers on Twitter have absolutely no clue how to market to their followers correctly.  I’m serious,  the simple truth is if you don’t get a grip on how to interact and promote to your followers they are going to drop off your followers list like bricks and you affiliate marketing efforts on Twitter will DIE!

Affiliate marketing on Twitter seems to be going through a viscous cycle of people teaching people how to spam their followers with auto-DM’s and the typical “Hey thanks for the follow,  I’m successful on Twitter and you can be also, click this link htt:// ”

Can you say first impression suicide???

Ok, so what’s going on and why is it happening? Let start with the basics.

1. If you want to be an affiliatepro on Twitter,  There’s no way you can honestly expect to be able to do it in 140 characters or less and yet, that’s what many affiliate marketers are doing now.  On a daily basis Twitter streams are flooded with bad sales pitches and spammy hype,  almost to the point where you come to expect that the tweet is an auto-DM and it’s software your communicating with and not a real person.

Truth of the matter is,  if I have no idea who you are and we have never actually interacted,  all I am seeing is the tweet from another marketer that just don’t get it.  Maybe one out of a hundred I might actually click on but I can tell you that it’s mostly out of curiosity and I have no intention of spending very much time there,  let alone buying anything.

2. It seems to be a belief that the more people you follow increases your chances of somebody actually clicking on your affiliate spam link.  This is so far from the truth,  you just end up with a bigger list of people putting you on their spam list.  Quantity versus quality,  which one do you think is going to win out here?

3. Buying into a product that only teaches people how to make money on Twitter by spamming links is Twitter suicide.  Sure you might make some money from the new guys or the ones that don’t know any better,  but the long term effects are ZERO.  You aren’t building relationships for one… and two…  when that person that bought from your affiliate link finds out that what they are doing is basicaly wasting their time and efforts promoting a dead end road they are not going to appreciate you or respect you.

4. I run into this all the time and I have to laugh every time, I’m sure you know who I’m talking about,  the “Reply Spammer”.  I will usually send them a small note saying that it’s really to bad that they felt like they had to spam me with some link because I actually was interested in communicating with them.  I wait to see what their reply is to my statement before I block them (mainly because I feel most people just don’t know any better and they need some guidance) You see I actually do look at all the profiles of people I follow.

So Why Are They Doing It?

1. Most affiliate marketers on Twitter are doing this because they actually just don’t know any better,  they’ve never been taught how to effectively sell affiliate products through Twitter and you really have to walk before you can run.  You should never use your first interaction as an opportunity to spam PERIOD,  First impressions are “Golden Opportunities” that should not be wasted.  Instead of spending hours following more people you can spam,  focus on getting to know the people that are following you now and develop that relationship,  time spent doing so will come back to you ten-Fold.

So How Do You Market on Twitter?

If you want to be an affiliatepro on Twitter,  you absolutely have to build relationships and create targeted lists based on the interests of your followers.  Learning how to build these list and networks of targeted followers is easy to do once you get started.

Once you’ve built those relationships,  you can feel free to tweet and link relevant affiliate offers without having to worry about getting unfollowed or blocked because you are adding value.  The key is people buy from people,  you have to separate yourself from the lower ranks of Tweet spam and you’ll see your conversions go through the roof

Social Networks are a great way to build your business when used correctly,  it’s the relationships the sell and not the repetitive spamming of your message.  Build your credibility and you’ll build your business


  1. Tyler says:

    This was a great read, I really appreciate this post.
    I’ve been using twitter for about a month now and
    this will really help me to improve my marketing efforts.
    Thanks again,


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